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Thomas, Solicitor
Category: Property Law
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Cant find Out who owns this property on the land registry

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Can't find Out who owns this property on the land registry website. The property is The all Christian Nations Christian fellowship church 15a Mitcham Lane sw16 6lq it's a church building Only the building next door comes up

The Bishop of the Church passed away three years ago but his daughter refuses to show us the land registry details She says that she remortgaged our house to get a mortgage to buy the church but the members help pay for the church we're not sure if the building is in her name what should we do

Have you carried out an index map search of the property?

Kind regards

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

No I have not tried a index map search what is it

Basically, there are 2 forms of land ownership in the united kingdom. There is registered land and there is unregistered land .

You can find out who owns any piece of registered land in the united kingdom. However, you cannot find out who owns can you unregistered land unless the person is willing to tell you or you find out from someone else who knows who owns it.

If you have tried searching for the property on the land registry find a property search engine and have not been able to locate it then you must carry out what is called an index map search.

This is where you complete the relevant land registry form and submit it to the local land registry dealing with land in the area and enclose a map of the property for which you wish to find out the ownership with the area in question edged red. The form that you need to download is form SIM and this is available here from the following site;

Complete the form and send it off to the relevant land registry office with their requisite fee. The land registry well then write you and tell you the title number for the registered land if it is registered. You can then download registered title and see you and it.

If it does not state the titke number then this means that it is unregistered and you are not likely to be able to find out who actually owns it.

If this is useful please kindly take accept and rate my answer.

Kind regards

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