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I am thinking to buy a land in Iver Buckingams shire uk it

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I want to buy a land in “Iver Buckingams shire” In  UK it is between Thorneymill road and M4 and M25 is it safe to invest now they said it will need 3-10 years until developed fully .

I was told from seller company right now no electricity, water, sewage and roads.

My question is the information which given is correct and is the land can be for resident occupancy in the future. Further No problem on the land it is safe to build on it on the future ore need to examine.

Owner of the whole plot show  a registration form  title Number SY806966  for a  Plot D154, Beach Farm Road, warlingham.

To insure that it is save to invest in it . 


Please I need an advice from you.

Hi what is the size of the plot and how much are you being asked for? Is this through an estate agent or direct?

The title number is XXXXX much use I am afraid as it costs money to search the land registry but in any event planning is different matter from title.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

size of plot 298 sq Mts it is through a company in kuwait

So this is a singe plot for one house. If it is a subsale of a larger plot I would treat it with extreme caution. Most sales of land with the promise that at some time in the future it will get permission to build residential property are a scam. If that is the intention then you need to check the current planning and makes enquiry if the local authority is likely to rezone. If it is farm land or green belt the chances are that there is little or no prospect of residential development. How did you come across the opportunity? If this is an internet marketed investment then I would not touch it.

You did not say how much they were asking of this plot.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

14,730 Pound it is a company in my country bought the land and divide it to smaller plots.


How to check the current planning and makes enquiry if the local authority is likely to rezone in future.

That area is farmland. I would not touch it. £14,730 is vastly more than the agricultural value and if there was any realistic prospect of a planning change then it would not have been sold without factoring that into the pricing.

It is in the area of Tandridge council so they would be the planning authority

Up to you but this looks like a typical scam. Buy farm land at £5k an acre an sell it off at about 40 to 50 times the price. So check what they paid but bear in mind that neither sellers nor their agents are stupid and they will not sell development land at agricultural prices.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok Dear




I really suspect the land that is why I contact Property Lawyer.


Where would you suggest investing a land with a future?


Depend how much you have ot invest. You will not find land in the UK for £15,000.

You can invest in residential investment trusts or look for property investments through reputable agents.

Website sites such as rightmove list both property and land
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