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Hello, I have notified the estate agents who act for my

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I have notified the estate agents who act for my landlord that I will be terminating the tenancy w.e.f. 17/3/14.
However the tenancy agreement termination section 2.5.2 states
''while the tenancy is periodic the one month's written notice must expire the day before a rent due date''
and section 2.5.3 states
'' the landlord shall have the right to terminate this tenancy by giving two months notice in writing and the tenant shall have the right to terminate this tenancy by giving one months notice in writing to expire at any time on or after six months from the original contract commencement date''
The original contract date was 7/1/13 (14 months ago).
I have given written notice to terminate my tenancy on 17/3/14 but the estate agent is stating that I have to pay the rent till 6/4/14 despite section 2.5.3.
Is this correct?
Also, the original contract and the renewed contract, which has a commencement date of 25/6/13, have never been signed by the landlord or their representative and the estate agent has signed the section that states ''signature(s) of tenant(s), does this mean that the contract is not legally valid.
Awaiting your kind response.
Thank you and regards,
S. Norris

wingrovebuyer : Hello. The tenancy is still valid, even if signed by the agent, because it is only a contract and so can be signed on the landlord's behalf. Howeverm I can't see any justification for saying you have to pay rent for a further month after the tenacy has terminated. Your tenancy will end on 17 March and so there is no requirement to pay rent for any period after that date. You presumably pay your rent in advance, rather than in arrears, and so I can't see what the agent is getting at. I suggest you tell them that you I'll not pay any rent for any period after the expiry of the tenancy. Best. WB.
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