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I had a flood in my flat in July 2012, toilet overflowed as

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I had a flood in my flat in July 2012, toilet overflowed as the system had not been maintained properly. Raw sewage covered the entire wooden floor. Contents claim has been settled but the building work done was of such a poor standard I have not been able to move back in. Finally the insurance company has admitted that the work done was not good enough. I have lost faith in them and their so called experts. I only got to this stage by constant rejection of their insistence that the work was adequate and by having an independent surveyor do a report. Can I have the money paid to me so that I can controlthe process and should i get compensation ?

Sorry to hear about this.

You have no right to direct payment to carry out the work privately I am afraid unless the insurance company agrees to this or unless you get a court order forcing the insurer to give you the money to do the work privately.

You should raise a formal complaint with the insurer and ask for compensation and ask them to agree that you may get the work done yourself for an agreed amount.

You may complain further to the Financial Ombudsman if you do not get anywhere with the insurer.

Hope this helps
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


I have raised a formal complaint and that is how I am at this stage. Should I suggest that they pay me a fixed amount to cover the work compensation and the extra rent i have had to pay?. Sorry but your previous answer is a little general and I have fought this for over 18 months. I understand that that the Financial Ombudsman is pretty useless in cases like this . I have spoken to them and they did not really pick up on the salient points.


Yes, you may make that suggestion to them but like I said, you cannot force them to do anything I am afraid, only a court may order them to do so.

There is nothing stopping you from taking the matter to court if you are not willing to try the Ombudsman.

I would suggest that you try and work something out with the insurer amicably as there is no guarantee that a court will grant you relief.

Hope this clarifies.

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