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For conveyancing purposes, does it matter who ordered the searches

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For conveyancing purposes, does it matter who ordered the searches (all of them) whether it is the vendor or myself as buyer for my own solicitor(acting on the buying side) to use later on or does the solicitor needs to order his own set of searches from a company he trusts in order to limit his liability (in other words would my solicitor be still liable if was to use searches ordered by myself)

Does it matter if the acting estate agent has gone into voluntary insolvency (i found out through companies house) ?
Thank you for your question
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It doe snot matter who orders and pays for the Searches provided they are still in date at the time of Completion.
Since some of the searches can go out of date within a few months this is the reason why it is normally done by the purchaser at the start of the transaction
The position of the Estate Agent is not a problem
Please ask if you need further details
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

thanks but just to clarify the buyers solicitor is liable to any search ordered by myself? i understood there are various companies that can carry out the search, possibly the companies have to be certified in some organisation in order for solicitor to take liability?

You cannot do the search in person - but you can pay for it and the buyer can purchase it from you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

i meant if i pay for it(as the buyer not seller) can my solicitor then use it with being liable or would he like to conduct their own searches in order to hold the liability?


I am a little confused - why do you wish to them separately from your solicitor?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Just trying to save time and costs

Not sure I can get the contract yet and if I instruct solicitor for searches will cost much more

There is no point in doing the searches until the Contract is received - so there is nothing ti be gained from your doing these in advance of that - and nothing to be gained
In fact instructing a solicitor to deal with the searches is unlikely to make any difference at all - they will still charge you for reviewing them and the cost of sending for them is minimal
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