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We have a commercial tenant who has overstayed his lease term

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We have a commercial tenant who has overstayed his lease term which expired on 12/4/2014 having had an agreement not to renew and both parties agreed that the provisions of section 24 to 28 of that Act (inclusive) shall be excluded in relation to the tenancy created in the lease.
the appropriate requirements in schedule 2 of the order reffered to in clause 8.2 have been met in that the tenant has made the appropriate declaration which is attached to the lease.
The tenant also is in arrears for 1month . and has been served a dilapidation schedule amounting to £67000 for removal of shop fronts removal of heating systems the collapse of false ceilings etc
Can i issue Balliffs ,if not to recover outstanding amounts, but to at least recover and take possession of my building . since the lease is now finished?

Yes, you may instruct bailiffs to recover possession of the premises now that the lease has expired and there is rent arrears, e.g. See here

Hope this helps
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Can the tenant take any action through the courts to prolong his stay?
I do not see on what basis a court will entertain him.