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Good afternoon, My next door neighbor has cut down my Golden

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Good afternoon,

My next door neighbor has cut down my Golden Plum tree in front garden - it now looks like dying flowers in a vase falling over over sides - took center of tree out - saw them doing so on return home with wife - no reason given or consent asked. No problem in 5 years before this - tree pruned by me each year always have had free excess to drive.

Thrown old fence over into my garden, demolishing my wife's plants, again with consent or permission - not seen doing so, but evidence is now on garden.

Did not see him doing this just told when in garden, I have every right to do so without permission - both counts 'committed' last two weeks without any contact by same.

Help please!

Eddy (Pensioner 70 years old)
Hello. What would you like to achieve here, as I suppose the damage is done. Would you like to know what you can do in reaction, and /or what you can do to avoid further problems?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Wingrovebuyer.


Thanks for responding,


As you say the damage is done,


What can I now do in reaction against these neighbors legally please?


Thank you



Customer: replied 3 years ago.



I thought I had just replied, but just in case I shall repeat what I had sent just now.


Yes, you are correct the damage is done, but what can I do as a reaction legally for this damage.


Kind regards



Hi Eddy. Welll one option is to report the matter to the police. What the neighbour has done is technically criminal damage. You could also demand that they provide and plant a new plum tree. However, you have to live next door to these people, so that might not be an option. As a compromise, you could write to thd neighbour outlining your concerns about what they've done, and ask them to consult you / ask your permission before doing anything else on your property or with the boundary. If they do more work without permission, you would have to warn them and if they didn't stop, you could apply to court for an injunct ion.
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