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Aston Lawyer
Aston Lawyer, Solicitor
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Hi, This question is exactly the same as the last one and

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This question is exactly the same as the last one and this time its Mrs X.
The title deed is in the name of a BVI and Mrs X his staing she has never owned or had anything to do with the said property.
On the Title deed under the heading PROPERTY REGISTER
It says
(XX/XX/XXXX) Short Particulars of the lease(s) (or under lease(s)) under which the land is held:
Term 8/Jan/2001 until 22 December 2132
rent: a peppercorn
Parties: 1) XXX LTD
2) XXX Trustees Ltd
3) Mrs X
Hi again,

Thanks for requesting me.

With this one, it means that Mrs X granted a Lease of the Property to which the Deeds relate.
It appears to me that this is certainly the Lease extension to which your previous question related. I say that because normally the rent is never normally a peppercorn (5 pence) unless it is for a Lease extension.

My opinion is therefore that the Unilateral Notice, although in the name of Mr X, relates to the Lease granted to Mrs X.

I hope this helps.

Kind Regards
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