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Matt Jones
Matt Jones, Solicitor
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i have owned a piece of garden land fenced for 10 years now

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i have owned a piece of garden land fenced for 10 years now a niebour says that the boundary should be 2 foot over and has removed the fence and put new posts in . what is my possition

Matt Jones :

Hi I will try and help

Matt Jones :

what do you say about his interpretation of the boundaries? do you agree he right but you the fence has been there for so long that is doesn't matter, or do you disagree with his interpretation of where the boundaries should be?

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Hi I note that you have rated me but I don't think i have answered your question. Could you let me have a reply to me previous questions so I can help further?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

the original boundary was where they think more than probably but when i baught the land i took it as where the fences and garage wall were defined boundary or neer enough.ordinance survey is just an estimate now.if u can just take back after so much time[land not aquired with malice]where does it end.i am not over bothered about it but i would like to know if i was in the right or wrong.

For a person to acquire land that they haven't acquired by "deed" the have to have cordoned off the land and used it as there for over 12years. This is called possessory title. So unless you can prove a futher 2 years ownership for you or previous owners the it is unlikly you will be able to prove partner of the land.

Of course as you say boundary lines are not an exact science and so if to acertain the exact line you would need to compare the plans in old deeds, getting information from old o/s maps, and ultimately employing a surveyor to provide a professional evaluation