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I am leasing a pub, and also the ally way next to it. I have

Customer Question

I am leasing a pub, and also the ally way next to it. I have a copy of the land registry. There is however a clause that i don't understand , which is the following : "1 (14.12.2006) The land is subject to the following rights granted by a Title number EGL514433 2 of 3 C: Charges Register continued Deed dated 30 December 1938 made between (1) The Mayor Aldermen and Councillors of the Metropolitan Borough of Stepney (Council) and (2) The Port of London Authority (Authority):- "The Council as Beneficial Owners hereby grant full and free right and liberty for the Authority their successors and assigns and their officers and servants and all persons entitled to navigate the said river and desiring to obtain access therefrom or thereto to or from Narrow Street aforesaid to pass and repass at all times whether by day or night along over and upon the said strip of land three feet wide and through and over the said gateway and stairs for the purpose of obtaining such access TO HOLD the said rights of passage hereby granted unto the Authority their successors and assigns as appurtenant to their estate in the bed and soil of the River Thames."


I want to know if the public or the adjacent neighbours have right of access.

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Property Law
Expert:  wingrovebuyer replied 4 years ago.

wingrovebuyer :

Hello. This is basically a right of way for the port authority or owners of the river there to access the river using the alley. This is a private right, not a public right, but it seems to benefit anyone who needs to get to the river to access a boat there. I'm not sure if this will cause you a problem, but you can't block up the right of access or you may be sued.