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How do you find out who is the freeholder of a leasehold property

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How do you find out who is the freeholder of a leasehold property ( lease originated in 1926),have looked at land registry but this only provides names of current leaseholders.

Thanks for your question.

As you have correctly stated, in order to find out the current freeholder and the current leaseholder you need to download the registered titles for the freehold and the leasehold at the land registry.

If you are asking about who were the original freeholders and leaseholders when the lease was originally granted in 1926 then it should state this in the first section of the leasehold titie.

It should state that the lease is made on a particular date in 1926 and then say made between [freeholders name] and [leaseholder's name]. If for some reason the leasehold title does not state this then you can contact the land registry for a copy of the original lease, which will obviously state both parties.

Kind regards,

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you.

If the leaseholder has purchased the freehold at some time during the period of the lease should the Land Registry show the property as freehold and not leasehold?

Is there a historical record of any changes in freehold/leasehold ownership?


The leasehold and the freehold would remain distinct titles until such time as the lease was surrender by the freeholder/leaseholder, so no the leasehold title would remain a leasehold title until it was surrender and then the land registry would then close the surrendered leasehold title.

The land registry don't keep a historical record of ownership that is available to either the public or us solicitors I'm afraid.

Kind regards,

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