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1. In 1960, three graduates, AL, DW, and AM, of university

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1. In 1960, three graduates, AL, DW, and AM, of university X, formed a group to design and build a prototype glider.
2. The group applied to society S, for a construction grant to build the design, in Oct 1960.
3. The society S awarded a grant to the group, in Feb 1961.
4. The aircraft was built, and flown in Nov 1961.
5. In 1962, differences arose between AL on one hand, and DW and AM on the other.
6. In Jan 1963, AL wrote to the society S, and proposed the continuation of the project at university Y. The new Mk 2 group was led by AL.
7. The society S secured the agreement of DW and AM, to the transfer of the aircraft to the Mk 2 group. The society continued to supply funds from the grant.
8. The aircraft was extensively redesigned and rebuilt, in 1963 -1964, by the Mk 2 group.
9. The aircraft was damaged in a crash in Nov 1965, and the project was ended.
10. All those who worked on the Mk 1 and Mk 2 versions of the aircraft were unpaid volunteers. They were not employed by society S, or by university X, or by university Y.

My question is " Who are the owners of the aircraft ? Is it the three original team members, AL and DW and AM, or is AL the sole owner ? "

It is either AL or AL and the MK 2 group as your point 7 states that DW and AM transferred the aircraft to the MK2 group.

May I help further?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

There is a further factor to consider. When DW and AM agreed to the transfer of the aircraft to AL and the Mk 2 group, they stated a condition, which AL accepted. The condition was " The ultimate destination of the aircraft would be university X " . Does this affect the ownership of the aircraft ?

If the condition was not satisfied, then it could be argued that the transfer by DW and AM did not complete and is therefore not effective so, DW and AM are still joint owners with AL.

All the best, XXXXX XXXXX feedback
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The condition was satisfied; the aircraft was moved to university X in Dec 1965. AL wishes to reclaim the aircraft, to restore it and put it in a museum. Is he entitled to do this ?

Yes, he may do so if MK 2 agree. It is now nothing to do with DW and AM.
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