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If we started renting a place and since signing the tenancy

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If we started renting a place and since signing the tenancy and moved in have realised we have been misinformed about the property can we sue the letting agent or landlord? We we're let the property with a working telly in the bathroom after 4 months still doesn't work and landlord says never has and if we want it fixing we have to pay but any damage to the tiles around we have to pay or face eviction, we were also told we had out own parking space and turns out we don't. Just wanting some advice before hand notice in to move out

tdlawyer :

Hello, welcome to the website. My name is***** can assist you with this.

tdlawyer :

Would you have moved in still had you not been misled?

Customer: No for £650 a month we would have found somewhere else the bathroom sold it for us also since moving in the bathroom radiator has leaked twice we have to pay and the door frames on every door is cracked we have complained and because we paid the full years rent in one go the landlord says we have to pay now to fix thing with no refund if had paid monthly he would of took it off the rent. We feel because we've paid he doesn't care
tdlawyer :

Okay, I understand. Well, I think you're entitled to say that if you were told something which is not true, and this led you into entering into the agreement, then you have the right to rescind the agreement. In other words, you can go back to the position where there is no agreement - but you'd obviously have to leave now if you said/did that.

Customer: We asked if we could leave early and was informed we'd have to continue paying rent till someone moves in if someone moves in before the end of agreement (feb 4th 2015) if no one moves in we have to continue paying but have to move out within 30 days notice so were going to loose money either way
tdlawyer :

That's the normal position - yes. however, you are saying that you were misled, and that's different. In that case, if it caused you to enter into the tenancy, you usually allowed to end the tenancy and walk away.

tdlawyer :

And, of course, I guess you were told this by the landlord or his agent?

Customer: Thank you my partner also mentioned he felt pressured as they called myself and himself daily for over a week informing we need to hurry up or they'd let it go to someone else once we paid £50 to hold it we had no back out we had to pay deposit and rent he says he felt pressured I that's any help
tdlawyer :

Pressure like that isn't usually of help to get out of the agreement.

tdlawyer :

The courts often take the view you could just walk away.

tdlawyer :

Rather than enter into any contract although I appreciate many people would say differently.

Customer: Ok that's a great help thank you
tdlawyer :

You're welcome.

tdlawyer :

Can I ask if you're happy with the service this evening please?

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