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How to get my ex out of rented property correctly

Customer Question

my partner and i have split up after he verbally abused my daughter for having a party agreed by both of us. He was drunk and was shouting and swearing in her face, he told me she had to go and live with her dad for a month, he didnt want her there,he was intimidating and scaring her and she ran away, we had an agruement and i ended it, my elder son who does not live with us tried to talk to him but he just kept calling her s***t and wouldnt listen, he took her home with him. I tried to move on after this as my daughter said it was ok but i couldnt get over it. I ended it properly and told him he had to move out as it is my friends house, the landlord originally agreed i could rent the property when i split up with my partner the last time. the thing is we got back together and moved in to the property together. We only have a verbal tenancy agreement as the landlord has been a family friend of mine for over 10 years and didnt think we would need one, i have been to the citzens advice bureau and been advised because he pays me half of the rent and we moved in together we would have to serve him with a section 21. We moved in on the 8th February 2014. The deposit was not in a holding account, which my landlord has now rectified it has gone in this morning. he is going to serve a section 21 on the 8th of this month if he gets the deposit in to the holding scheme on time, which we believe has to be served to both of us, is that correct?. My ex has said he knows his rights as he is a security guard at the county court and has checked, he said he cant get him out, he wants £5000.00 from me to get him out, he said there is nothing we can do to get him out. He is threatening me that he will make me lose my job and everything i hold dear to me. He said that he will have to be evicted before he gets out but that my landlord can not evict him. I pay my rent early on the 1st of every month as then i know what i have left. what date should they put on the section 21, the date i pay or the date the rent is due 8th?

Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Property Law