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My husband, grandmother died in Oct 2012, before she died she

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My husband, grandmother died in Oct 2012, before she died she executed her deeds over to her grandson sole name. House deeds were also signed over to him and put into his name. Today my husband has received a letter from his mothers solicitors stating that she is now adminstratrix to her later mothers estate and now they are asking him to transfer the property to her sole name in order that she may dispose of it. My grandmother wanted me to have the property that's why she signed it over to me. What do I have to do legally to keep this property so that it does not go over to my mother, which is not what my grand mother wanted.
Was his mother aware of the transfer at the time it was made?
Was grandmother of sound mind when she made the transfer?
Why is his mother now asking for him to transfer the property to her?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No his mother wasn't aware becos his grandmother didn't want her to know.

Yes his grandmother was aware as it was all done at her own solicitors

Not sure why his mother is asking now but my husband thinks its to sell the house so she can have the money herself

Thank you for your response.
It appears to me that grandmother was quite clear what she wanted. She wanted her grandson to inherit her property and dealt with that issue whilst she was still alive and capable of doing so.
Provided that she was of sound mind and was perfectly capable of making up her own mind, her daughter has no locus to demand that the property be transferred back to her or to the estate.
Your husband already owns the house. There is no requirement for him to do anything here at all. He may wish to ask the lawyers for his mother what the legal basis is for the request. It would be interesting to see an answer to that.
I hope that this helps. Please leave a positive ratting so that I am credited for my time.
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