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During building works my neighbour damaged my fence post. its

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During building works my neighbour damaged my fence post.
it's been nearly 4 months and a couple of missed promise dates to repair it, so i reluctantly wrote and gave him 28 days to get jot done or I plan to get it done myself and invoice him. If he fails to pay then I plan to use the small claims court to recover my losses.
As well as the damage to the fence post his concrete foundation were cast above ground level on his side, so close to the the boundary that when the concrete was poured the shuttering bulged out and is pushing on my fence panel.
If I eventually need to get the work done myself the contractor will need to remove the redundant shuttering and maybe shave off some of the foundation so the fence panel can fit back in.
What do I need to do before the post is repaired or the adjustments made to his foundation. Do I need to serve the party wall act before I do this type of work to his foundation?
Many thanks and don't hesitate to ask for any clarification
wingrovebuyer : Hello. The Party Wall Act doesn't apply to fences, so you can do the repair works and send the invoice as threatened. If the neighbour fails to pay, you can pursue him through the small claims court and I am confident you'd win if he doesn't deny causing the damage. As for the concrete, if you've made him aware of that too, and he's failed to act, add it to the invoice as before. Best wishes, WB

thank you. So even if I'm removing part of his foundation to get the panel back into the right place I don't have to serve the Party Wall Act?

wingrovebuyer : No, it's all part of a fence and the Act doesn't apply to fences. Best wishes, WB
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