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Matt Jones
Matt Jones, Solicitor
Category: Property Law
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We have a terraced house that has shared access to the rear

Customer Question

We have a terraced house that has shared access to the rear which we maintain. We have fenced our boundary inline with our deeds. In theory and on our deeds we have access to the original 'wash house' on next doors portion. Similarly next doors original outdoor toilet is within our boundaries. We have not used the wash house in the seven years we have lived in the property for any reasons and next door have not used the outdoor toilet in all this time. We have placed a simple door frame and door in the toilet to neaten our garden area and maintain the outhouse as well as maintaining the unsafe window of this toilet. Recently next door have asked us to contribute to making the wash house safe as it is in disrepair with the window falling out and door in need of replacement. They have also suggested getting a skip to empty their contents and to split the cost. When we put up our fence I offered to make the wash house safe with a new door and board the window and that it made more sense in the modern age to agree to us using the toilet as our own and them the wash house but this was refused. I feel in all honesty annoyed by the proposition as I feel they are just trying to limit their own outgoings. They still owe me for half the cost of hype fencewe agreed to erect which I bought, collected and installed at no profit to myself. I would like to legally rectify this matter what do you suggest?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Property Law
Expert:  Matt Jones replied 3 years ago.

Matt Jones : Hi I will try and help
Matt Jones : With your right to use the washhouse in the deeds is there also an expressly stated obligation to repair/maintain it?
Expert:  Matt Jones replied 3 years ago.
Hi are you able to come back to me o the above?