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Category: Property Law
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I have a court order saying that my brother must sell his half

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I have a court order saying that my brother must sell his half of a house we own 50% 50% when I got it sold he refused to sign so I wrote a form to the court stating he had refused even though the order clearly states he must.
Now the court has written back to me and sent a order could you please tell me exactly what it means?
The Claimant do by the 4th of Nov 2014 file 3 copies of the order he asks the Court to make pursuant to his application dated xxxxxx
As i also when I asked for the court to sort out the refusal of him signing to order him also to pay all the expenses I have accrued since he was told to sell it (eg 50% Mortgage/ 50% council Tax and my costs)
Please can you tell me what the court is asking me to do?
You need to ask for an Order that the District Judge signs the sale paperwork in place of your brother.
the court are asking you to forward a draft order to them stating just that
Please ask if you need further details
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

So are you saying that I send a document to the court saying I want the court to sign for my brother. And also the expenses I have accured? Or do you think just ask for the court to sign the papers and keep it simple? Thanks

No you have to send a draft Order - so all the usual headings and then
The Court Orders that *****may sign the sale paperwork relating to xxxx in place of the Respondent
2. Costs of the application
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