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hello thank you for your last answer...I will just ignore

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hello thank you for your last answer...I will just ignore you know on what grounds housing associations usually evict tenants...I have a housing officer coming on Friday...a routine "4 month visit" not I think connected with this nuisance tenant I told you about...I am quiet but this other tenant has been here 28 years and me 4 you think it is hard for a housing association to evict a tenant...perhaps I am getting paranoid now!...but I don't want to lose my tenancy because I have insomnia and read at night!...My question?...Advice really...what other things do people get evicted for...if not noise?I pay my rent ok...clean flat...should I be worried about this visit on Friday...they tell me it is routine.
Thank you for your question. My name is ***** ***** I will try to help with this.
Usually things like persistent non payment of rent, nuisancing other tenants, acting unlawfully in the property.
It is hard to evict when you don't have grounds.
This will be an unconnected visit. Even if you are making unacceptable noise late at night that isn't something they will be able to assess during office hours.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you Jo yes I hope it is unconnected...but maybe this tenant can be a nuisance who knows...I will just keep all letters she posts to me(I only live above her lol)...yes I have been very careful especially after midnight ...she says my floorboards creak! can that be MY problem!...anyway I have a cat...(he doesn't bark lol) cat I told the housing association before they agreed to my tenancy...I specifically told the housing officer at my interview to get this flat that I have a cat...I have been told the previous two tenants have cats...I need my cat for medical reasons-very good for my stress and anxiety...bit like a blind person needs a guide dog really...yet I think the tenancy agreement says no pets!...I notice other pets in the same building both cats and dogs...can they make me get rid of my cat?i told them about him...they didn't complain!...I need my cat...I can get a doctors letter I think to say you think they will make me get rid of my cat?

They could try to do that if you are acting in breach of the tenancy agreement but they will not be able to evict you on that basis.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I like to think that the fact I told head office at my interview about my cat that they perhaps will "turn a blind eye" so to speak...but yes the tenancy agreement is what they can throw at tenants not hearsay at an interview unrecorded...thank you have been helpful...I will ask you a question again as necessary or if anything develops...thank you

No problem.
All the best.
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