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June 2015. Joint tenancy agreement fixed. My partner left

Customer Question

June 2015. Joint tenancy agreement fixed.
My partner left me without notice on Oct 10 th 2015.
I cannot afford to pay rent, my partner has agreed to pay the rent until February 2015. I am hoping to be in a position to pay after that.
I have now discovered that my ex partner has spoken with the landlord and the property I live in with my special needs daughter is being advertised to rent.
My questions
Can the landlord put the property up to for rent now as they have done?
Do I have to facilitate viewings ?
What would happen if I could not pay rent for March, April, May?
Can the landlord evict me now ?
What grounds can the landlord evict me quickly?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Property Law
Expert:  LondonlawyerJ replied 3 years ago.

Did you post this question just now with a different customer name? I have answered that question if you did.


Hello, I am a solicitor with 20 years experience. I will try to answer this for you.

9:29 AM

You have (I assume) an assured shorthold tenancy. The landlord cannot take possession of the property until after the tenancy has expired unless he has some other ground for possession eg rent arrears. This is a contract that you and your partner are jointly signed up to he can not end it on your behalf without your permission. If you couldn't pay rent and fell into arrears then the landlord could seek possession against you plus an order for payment of the arrears.

9:31 AM

It might be a good idea to speak to the landlord and explain your position to him also to get hold of your ex and ask him why he is doing all this. Incidentally is he the father of your daughter?


That was the answer I gave. If you have ended up asking the same question twice let me know and I will let just answer know and hopefully they can sort out the admin.

JACUSTOMER-v515sopa- : Yes I have Asked twice.
JACUSTOMER-v515sopa- : I have asked the question twice sorry
JACUSTOMER-v515sopa- : i have asked the question twice sorry It is a fixed term contract till June 2015 No he is not the father.
JACUSTOMER-v515sopa- : Can I be made to facilitate viewing? Are there any grounds other than rent areas where I can be made to leave

You have the right to quiet enjoyment and although you have to facilitate viewings this must be reasonable (eg near the end of the tenancy). If the landlord says he is intending to get tenants for the property after your tenancy expires then this is probably reasonable. If you tell the people viewing that your tenancy expires next June and you will be there until then he will probably get the message. Your ex, by the way, will be responsible for the whole rent as are you so that if rent arrears arise he can be pursued for it even if he doesn't live there. Apart from rent arrears you owd need to be misusing or qrecking the property for the landlord to be able to get possession.

JACUSTOMER-v515sopa- : Thank you so to confirm you would expect reasonably viewing to take place say last 2 months of tenancy agreement or what is considered reasonable ?

Well no. If the landlord is saying he is looking for new tenants when your tenancy expires then as long as he gives you reasonable notice that they are coming thatwoud be OK. If he is looking for tenants to replace you during your tenancy that is probably unreasonable.