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JGM, Solicitor
Category: Property Law
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my mother signed her council home over to me, before she did

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my mother signed her council home over to me, before she did that the council unknown to my mother repaired the roof, i have now received a bill for the repairs of 5250.00 which i think is excessive, do i have to pay it as the house did not belong to me at the time of the repair.
I am presuming that the house is no longer a council house and that your mother bought it from the council and has now transferred it to you.
Whether the bill is excessive is something that you would have to discuss with the council.
As far as liability for the repairs is concerned, the law in Scotland is that whoever owns the house at any given point in time is liable for the charges associated with the house. That is irrespective of when the bill became due. For example if you didn't pay the bill and sold or transferred it to someone else then that person would become liable. That's why solicitors usually check for such things before conveying a house from one person to another. I presume this wasn't done in your case because it was a family transaction.
Happy to discuss further.
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