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My mother is 89 and she has left her own house because her

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My mother is 89 and she has left her own house because her son who has lived with her has become a bully. This was 3 months ago. Now he is demanding she give him the house and has changed the locks

Hi thanks for your question. My name is ***** ***** I can help with this.


Does she want him out and to get back in?

JACUSTOMER-rypq2u4c- : Yes

okay, then she can apply for what is known as an "occupation order" which could require her to be allowed back in and him excluded. She would need to demonstrate that it's her house and appropriate for him to be excluded.


This would be applied for using Form N244 in the County Court. However, as with all these things, I would always suggest that she seek a solicitor's help if at all possible in compiling the relevant forms and lodging them at Court.

JACUSTOMER-rypq2u4c- : Are you a British lawyer or am I chatting to American
JACUSTOMER-rypq2u4c- : What I mean is we are in england

Yes, English.


Nothing American about me!

JACUSTOMER-rypq2u4c- : Ok cool , so can you suggest what kind of a solicitor would be most appropriate

A solicitor specialising in family law would be a good start, or property law, either would do, but preferably family law.


Most smaller high street firms would have somebody with this specialist expertise, so that's got to be your starting point.

JACUSTOMER-rypq2u4c- : Hello


JACUSTOMER-rypq2u4c- : hello

What would you like to ask?

JACUSTOMER-rypq2u4c- : Thank you for your help . I will relate

No problem. Can I ask whether you're happy with the service received this afternoon?

JACUSTOMER-rypq2u4c- : Yes I am can u suggest anyone good in the harrow area

Not an area I know I'm afraid, but you could use something like this:


It reviews solicitors throughout the UK and you can select on their area of expertise, e.g. family law, in your area.

JACUSTOMER-rypq2u4c- : Thank you very much , saving me time and worry .good service

Thank you!

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