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Hello my name is***** I am running my company from

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Hello my name is***** I am running my company from a rented warehouse which I have been in for 8 years. In those 8 years I have had 8 leaks in the roof which my landlord has never done nothing about them. I am now moving out through the month of January and out on the last day of January. At the same time as I am moving out my landlord wants to come in pull the floor up but I have told my landlord that I do not want him entering my company. My landlord did not like what I told him so he said to me if I do not give him a set of keys he will break in to my company. The question I am going to ask is do I have the rights to stop him and has he got the rights to break in to my company?
Subject ot what your lease may say about access by the landlord, the normal position is that the landlord can't enter your premises and carry our work especially of it would cause you as the tenant interruption of your right to peaceful enjoyment of the premises.
You should be asking your lawyer to write to the landlord insisting that he desist from this. If an undertaking isn't given then you may have to get a court order to prevent him coming into the premises.
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