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I have a parking problem.I live on an estate built in 1978

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I have a parking problem.I live on an estate built in 1978 with planned parking houses.
parking problem
I live in a rectangular cul de sac on an estate built in 1980. My house and the adjacent 4 houses have a parking bay in front which is obviously part of the planned parking layout to service our houses. The houses opposite have a garage and an off street parking space. People dont use their garages nowadays,some of them have been turned them into utility or study/bedrooms and there are 3 ahd 4 car famillies. We are often unable to park because of vehicles from across the road. The council say as it is a public road they cannot allocate spaces to us or do anything. We can spend 2 years fighting the council or we could privately erect our own parking sign. Is there a byelaw that prevents me from attaching to my fence a sign that is purely factual. I cant erect a sign that says
" Parking 58-66 only" as the bay is classed as a public road and this sign is an instruction. There is a sign in a bay around the corner which fronts pensioners bungalows.
"Residents Parking" not instructional or compulsory, just conveying a fact that this bay was designed houses that fronts it. Using this logic I could erect a sign that says "My dog Ruby lives here"" OR "Oliver Cromwell never lived here" or "Parking bay designed 58-66" or "Residents parking bay 58-66"
You can't be seen to put any sign up that implies that you're interfering with public parking.
However, if the sign was on your fence and just said "Residents Only" then that might do it. It's on your fence and on the face of it applies to the fence, not to the road next to the fence but drivers perhaps won't see it that way.
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