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Sirs My daughter Corrine Maunder and her partner Clayton Humphries

Customer Question

My daughter Corrine Maunder and her partner Clayton Humphries took up
residence at*****Cardiff July with a promise from the Letting
Agents Morginie James that the slight damp would be put right. The damp has got
progressively worse resulting in Clayton being diagnosed with pleurisy
yesterday. They have had a visit from the Council following a complaint they
made online. Following the Council visit Morginie James promised numerous
visits but cancelled every time. Finally about 7 days ago they did visit and
the gentleman who called was horrified at the state of the flat and said it
will take months to put right. Where does my daughter stand as they have put
up with so much. I even had to buy a new fridge freezer for them as the one
in place was not fit for purpose and the Agents were not interested. Corrine
is working for me in my office but is free to receive emails and indeed I
have copied her in. My office number is *********** however it may be too
busy for a long conversation. Her email is *****@******.***
I have put a call in to the Manager at the Agents Cathays Terrace office but
as of today still no call back.
Kind regards
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Property Law
Expert:  LondonlawyerJ replied 3 years ago.

Hello, I am a solicitor with 20 years experience. I will try to help you with his.


If the damp is caused by a defect to the structure or exterior of the property then that is actionable disrepair that the landlord has a duty to repair. Compensation may be payable for a breach of this obligation. If representations were made that the damp would be fixed and the contract was entered into on the strength of those representations then that might be a cause for legal complaint as well, even if the damp is not caused by a defect to the structure or exterior.


If the pleurisy was caused by the damp then the seriousness of the situation is greatly increased. It will be important to obtain evidence about the extent of the damp to support any claim that this caused the ill health. Inspection by a surveyor or Environmental Health officer may well be necessary.


There are some practica points here though. How long has your daughter lived there? Has she made complaints in writing about he damp? Does she wantto stay tehre? When does the tenancy end?