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I am trying to ascertain the best way to find out the name

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I am trying to ascertain the best way to find out the name of a landlord of a particular property which is occupied by tenants some of whom receive housing benefits. Is it possible as a wholly unrelated individual to find out who the housing benefits are paid to

Hello and thanks for using Just Answer.

I am Al and am happy to assist you with your enquiry.

You can apply for a copy of the "Title Deeds" (officially called Official Copies) to the property from the Land Registry website, for a nominal fee.

As long as you have the address, any member of the public can apply.

Here is the link to the Land Registry website- you can apply online.

Once you have obtained a copy, if you look at the Proprietorship Register, it will confoirm the name of the owner.

I hope this helps you and answers your question.

Kind Regards


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Sorry Al, You didnt have enough information to begin with which is my fault so I apologise. However, suffice to say the registered proprietor is not the occupier landlord. I have already obtained a copy of the title deeds and because of my own knowledge am aware that the property is being managed by another party who is proving uncooperative to any enquiries made. I know the property which has been divided into 5 flats by the current "Landlord" is occupied by several tenants and it is my understanding that some of them may be receiving housing benefits to pay the rent. I need to ascertain if there is a public record or database I can access which will tell me who receives the housing benefit for each of the flats or alternatively who the landlord is. I believe some of the tenancies may have been created several years ago although I am not certain of this point


I'm afraid there is no official public database to confirm recipients of housing Benefit- this is confidential and private information.

However, if you have a copy of the Deeds, this sets out the legal owner of the building. If I refer you to the register, there should be a list of the 5 Leases in the Charges Register. If there is no other reference to any longer term Lease affecting the Building (this will be shown in the Charges Register also), then the person named in the Proprietorship Register is the Freeholder.

However, if you need to find out the owner(s) of each Flat, you will need to apply for Official Copies for each of the 5 Leasehold titles. This will show who the owner of the Flats are.

Failing this, I'm afraid there is no other way of ascertaining who is receiving the Housing benefit payments.

Kind Regards


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Am I correct in thinking that all Landlords now have to register on a Deposit Protection Scheme, If so is there not a central register. Can I found out anyway who is paying council tax. These are just some of the avenues that spring to my mind I was hoping you would be able to assist me with others which are more likely to reveal the information I need. The tenancies I believe are ASTs


If a deposit is paid by the Tenant (if they are Housing Benefit Tenants, no deposit may have been paid), then the Landlord does need to secure the Deposit within a Scheme, but as with most things nowadays, with Data Protection etc, this is not open to view by the public. As regards ***** ***** payments, the occupier is liable for this, and if they are on benefits, no doubt the Tenants will be getting theirs paid for by the state.

So, other than speaking to the Tenants or going down the Land Registry route, you aren't going to get any further.



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