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We have a boundary hedge planted when the houses were built.We

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We have a boundary hedge planted when the houses were built.We put a 5 foot fence up on our side, my neighbour has taken the hedge down on his side. My husband believes he cant do that because part of the hedge is on our property. Our properties are on a hill and his garden is lower than ours, he has compromised the stabilty of our garden which is paved by digging the hedge out . It is not easy to have any dialogue with him . could you please advise on our position
Hello, I am a solicitor with 20 years experience. I will try to answer your question. I am assuming you both own the properties concerned.
Yes, you seem to have lost some of your property to your neighbour. The boundary is very likely to be the mid line of the hedge. However, you will need to check your deeds or if you still have them the advice letters from your conveyancing solicitors. Very often the boundary features of a garden are the responsibility of one or other of the property owners. Do you know who is responsible for maintaining the boundary and how that responsibility is worded?
If your garden is damaged by his actions then you will very likely be entitled to compensation from him.
It may be that the best thing to do is to write to him (if you can not talk to him) explaining your concerns about reinstating the right boundary and asking him what he intends to to do to ensure the stability of your garden that he has compromised.
See what his response is if anything before threatening any sort of action.
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