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A tenant parks his car at the rear of the building that he

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A tenant parks his car at the rear of the building that he has a tenancy in. There is no provision in the tenancy for a parking place.
He now says that I should insure his car whilst parked on my land in case it is vandalised etc?
Do I have to insure my tenants possessions whilst on my property? I may already have cover in the property insurance, but I wouldn't like to think it could be claimed against because of excesses?
The land is also used as a "short cut" by people in neighbouring houses. I have signs up to indicate it is private property, do I also need to have insurance to cover people trespassing should they fall etc?
Thank you for your question.
Unless contained within the tenancy agreement there is no legal obligation on you to insure anything be,ongoing to the tenant, especially his car. The tenant has an obligation to insure his own car.
As far as third party insurance is concerned, there is no duty on you to have this. Anyone suffering injury on your land would only have a claim of you were negligent in some way. If you have private property signed that is generally sufficient. If you have landlord insurance the chances are you will already have third party cover as you mention.
I hope that this helps.
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