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The council are refusing to remove a street light that is attached

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The council are refusing to remove a street light that is attached to my property on the wall right next to my bedroom window, unless I pay to have it moved. Is there a way I can get them to move it, or if not is there a way I can make them pay for the privilege of using my property as a lamp post?
Hello. Is there any documented agreement for the light to be there and does it actually belong to the council?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
There was nothing in the paperwork concerning the sale of the house details, but As for the ownership of the light we hadn't moved in long when the light broke, and one of our good neighbours (the ones whose back yard is lit up) rang the council who came and repaired it, it was moved to the property some time ago as there is part of the lamp post still outside the house but when it was moved I have no idea, but was moved when the property was a post office.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Sorry please ignore my last reply, we have just found paper work signed by the previous owners back in 1985 allowing South Wales Electricity Board to take the old post away and attaching the power cables and light to the house for an annual fee to the property owner. The problem is this electricity board no longer exists and the council owns the lights so where do we stand now?
That sounds like a wayleave agreement. I would suggest that the benefit of this has now passed to the new electricity infrastructure company, rather than the council. I am not sure what company this is in your area, but where I live it is Northern Powergrid - they are not electricity suppliers, but they own and manage the supply system. If you can find out who that is, you ought to contact them and ask them to remove it. I expect they will be happy to do so, as it is an ongoing liability for them. Hope this helps? WB
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