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In February my husband and I signed a 6 month lease with an

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In February my husband and I signed a 6 month lease with an addendum stating that we could renew for 1 term with no rent increase. In June the landlord emailed giving us 2 options, 1 to renew for 6 months with no rent increase and the other to renew for a full year with a rent increase. If we were to sign the 6 month lease it a was stated that there would be a hefty rent increase when the 6 months was ended so we ultimately chose option 2 via email. Now about 3 weeks later, we have changed our minds and would like to only sign for the 6 month lease. However, the landlord says this offer is no longer valid. Is this legal, since we had it in writing that we would be able to sign another term with no rent increase? These were the exact words from the landlord. "As this is a private rental the Landlord has no obligation to grant any extension at all. The paperwork has been completed and signed on his side and this is the only renewal option available."
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In short he wants to sign an increase when the agreement does not allow him to do so?
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
he wants to sign an increase for a year when in feb (during our lease signing) we were promised in writing a 6 month lease renewel with no rent increase.
he doesn't want to honor the option for the 6 month renewel with no rent increase. he only wants a full year lease with a 2% rent increase.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

You can call me at 07469 746923

Ok, then he can't do this. If the agreement says fixed for 12 months then there is nothing he can do. This is a matter of contract, it documents all the terms and conditions which the parties agree on. It can't then be changed later.
In short he can NOT change the terms or increase.
Can I clarify anything for you about this today please?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

The agreement signed in February was for a 6 month lease with the addendum stating at the end of the lease we could sign another term without a rent increase.

This means that he needs to offer this option to us? And what happens if he refuses, because that is what is going on now?

Also, I think I paid extra for a phone conversation so if it is easier you can call me.


Calling now!
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Sorry Alex,

1 more question that I didn't think of before... If we decide to just pay our rent and not acknowledge this new lease that the landlord would like us to sign, can he keep our original deposit, stating that we refused to pay the rent increase or that we were living in the flat without a lease...

Whatever the reason, can he keep our deposit if we choose to go this route.

No, he cant keep the deposit, its protected in a Government scheme.