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I live in a private rented ground floor flat, and all

Customer Question

I live in a private rented ground floor flat, and all the windows have been changed a month ago for double glazing.
When the old windows were removed, the builders have also removed the net curtains because they were affixed on to the old frames.
They said that I have to put back up the curtains myself, so all the rooms were left just with a curtain but without a net curtain, and the kitchen window was left with nothing because the kitchen one used to have net curtains and a roller blind which was also removed by the builders.
I have contacted my landlord about it and he is happy to put the net curtains and the roller blind back, but he can’t find currently a handy man to do the job.
He said the builder which will decorate the flat should put the curtains up. (This has nothing to do with the windows, but we had a leak from the neighbour above and some decorating is needed in the flat. In the mean time the insurance companies are fighting who should pay for it, but hopefully it will get done one day).
The problem is that I’m not sure when the decorations will take place, and I don’t know when the net curtains will go back up.
The reason why I’m desperate for the net curtains to go back up is because I live on the ground floor and if I open the curtains everyone can see in.
In the kitchen as I don’t have any curtains up (net curtain and roller blind) everyone can see in the whole time and especially in the night when the light is on.
My question is, is there any privacy law which will say that the landlord has to make sure that a curtain must be up to prevent people on the street to look in, or can I just stop paying rent until the problem is fixed?
(Just to clarify, Net curtain is: a thin curtain which lets the sunlight in but people can’t really see in from the outside.
By curtain I mean the thick curtain which not even the sunlight comes in.)
Many thanks & waiting for a reply.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Property Law
Expert:  LondonlawyerJ replied 2 years ago.
Hello, I am a solicitor with 20 years experience. I will try to answer this for you.
There is no such right re privacy imposed on your landlord. Unless there is something in your tenancy agreement (eg about making good and replacing all items moved/damaged during repair works).
I know this i snot the answer you were hoping for but I have to give you a straight answer and not raise false hopes.