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My landlord has verbally evicted me and the other tenants. I would like to accept th

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Hello my landlord has verbally evicted me and the other tenants. I would like to accept though he was meant to return my money and hasn't. he is now trying to cover himself and say he served us a one months notice and that the house has been sold so in his words, "either way he wants us out". It's a live in landlord an he has made me and the other female tenant rather uncomfortable when around but I paid for a month and saw it though. He harassed me to pay him early and stated that it's late. I paid then he told me he's kicking me out this month. What is my legal grounds? I've moved my things as he's returning Monday and has a very aggressive and domineering demeanour.
He lied during his ad regarding the length of stay we could be there and that the house is actually being repossessed not sold. I kept all records of our text conversation
If you have a tenancy agreement then he should not be evicting you without formal written two months notice. If he has evicted you in this way then this is not appropriate and may be a breach of the Protection from Eviction Act and a criminal offence. You can as such advise the police of his actions.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hello ivory lounge. I'm a but confused the contract was verbal as it was meant to be a short stay until September. The landlord is now saying that I've not been evicted and that I can stay as he refuses to return my early rent payment which is due today. I have this in writing. I fear for my safety if I remain so I am quite happy to leave at his request. I just want my money back. What is the legal grounds for a refund. The other tenants are willing to pursue a claim against him. I would like legal advise please on that matter.
I see. If he originally said that you must go then that brings the contract to an end from your point of view (even if he later says you can stay). The fact is that the original 'you must go' is enough to terminate the contract. You would thus be entitled to your deposit back (subject to any damage to the property, etc). Make sure you take photos etc. If he does not return the deposit then it is a matter of taking him to the small claims court at - it is a straight forward process.Please remember to rate.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I took photos of my room and another tenant took photos of the rest of the property. Quite frankly the house is cleaner than it was when we arrived. I also have a copy of the landlords original ads where there is no mention of pets and pet duties. I'm quite concerned considering his obvious financial problems that he won't be able to return my money. Nonetheless I will pursue this matter further. Thank you very much for your help. I can rest assure that this matter has legal grounds and the law will deal with This criminal landlord