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I've just moved out of a rented house and the inventory

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I've just moved out of a rented house and the inventory indicates that there are two lightbulbs out. The agent has sent me an email say that she has asked their handyman for a price to change the lightbulb, and I am fully expecting them to overcharge me.
What can I do to ensure they don't overcharge me for this? Is there a limit to how much they can charge? Can I offer to go back and change the light bulbs myself (even though it's already occupied)? Should I ask them for three quotes?
Hello, I am a solicitor with 20 years experience. I will try to help you with this.
Were the light bulbs not working when you left? Were they all working when you moved in? Is there anything particularly difficult about these light bulbs or are they standard light bulbs that are reasonably accessible.
It seems to me that the basic position here is that to employ a handyman to change light bulbs is ridiculous and I don't see any legal basis for charging you for something that the new tenants can fix in a few seconds.
|Were you present when the inventory was taken? Do yo accept it?
Is your deposit in a guarantee scheme?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Yes, my deposit is with the DPS custodial scheme. Both lights are easily accessible. One is an outdoor light and one is on the kitchen extractor. Should I offer to go there myself and change them?
I was there when the inventory was taken and I accept it. However all the things the agent is saying I'm responsible for is open to interpretation. For example there is a noticeable, long scratch on a bench. But my family of 5 (including two children plus a dog) was there for 5 years so I believe scratches are normal wear and tear.I'm quite certain the agent/landlord are trying to pass costs onto me and we will likely go to Dispute Resolution. Fortunately I'm not in immediate need of my deposit but I don't want to wait forever because it is quite a lot of money. I'd imagine they will try to drag this out as long as possible because they think I need the money.
It sounds like you will need to go to dispute resolution and it sounds like you have a decent chance of coming out on top.
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