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I live (17 years) in an area of outstanding natural beauty

Customer Question

I live (17 years) in an area of outstanding natural beauty in the Surrey Hills. We had a lovely view from my house and garden over the North Downs. My neighbours garden wraps around the end of mine so between our property and the fields beyond. We recently put some decking and a new 5ft fence at the end of the garden all very smart. The neighbour was consulted and up until recently we have always got on. After the completion we had what I would consider a minor dispute with the neighbour about her wanting to build a summer house next to a 3m in length shed which would then block our view we asked if she would consider not doing this as we live in a lovely area and the view would be blocked. I know we have no case to stop this but my neighbour has decided to continually upset and disturb our peaceful area and any small view we have. Now we have two additional higher fences that ours at angels either side, a large trampoline and this weekend a garden chair with a wooden roof above the fence line and a bright green paddling pool hanging on one of the side fences. I feel we are being continually got at with what can she do next to make our lovely not so lovely - to the extent when we have visitors they comment and I believe it will take value from our property if we wanted to sell - which it may come to. My other neighbour she is 75 and thinks we are the best neighbours she has every had. Is there anything we can do?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Property Law
Expert:  wingrovebuyer replied 2 years ago.
Hello. I am sorry to hear about your problems with your neighbour. Unfortunately, there's very little you can do about her behaviour. You might be able to claim she is causing a nuisance, but that would seem difficult to establish on the facts. I'd also advise not to involve sending lawyer's letters, as that would probably provoke your neighbour. Whilst it isn't legal advice per se, I suggest you knock on her door with a bottle of wine and say you'd like to clear the air with her. This might sound difficult, but often confronting the issue head on, in an informal manner, is best. If you end up in a full-on dispute, you'd have to disclose that to any buyer of your house, so it really is best avoided. I hope this helps? WB