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Category: Property Law
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I've had my house on the market and got an offer of sale.

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Hi. I've had my house on the market and got an offer of sale. A survey came back to say that there was Japanese Knotweed on neighbouring land which belongs to a printing company. The buyer was refused a mortgage. Apparently my neighbours have tried in the past to get the owner of the business to remove it but he has not done so. Is there anything I can do legally to ensure he gets it removed? I know that if it's on his property he doesn't have to do anything but if it's affecting the sale of my property can I do something using the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014?
Many thanks
Strictly speaking you can invite the LA to engage in helping on this basis - that is the purpose of the law after all. If this fails get a solicitor to write a letter and then get an invasive weed specialist to advice on the cost to implement a treatment programe. Send both documents to the neighbour. If this does not work then the only course of redress is the small claims court. You will essentially be making a private nuisance claim against your neighbour and the cost of taking such action must be considered. Yet another option may be to offer to pay yourself for the work to be undertaken to clear it. Please rate
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