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We have to re-instate our boundary fence which separates our

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We have to re-instate our boundary fence which separates our property from the adjacent 8 acre feild. Having had an improved straight boundary line defined by surveyors and a price agreed with the landowner, he now wants to plant a hedge around my garden which he says he will manage. The previous boundary had been a dilapidated tin fence of many years, very unitedly, and was removed by us when we purchased the property. It is our boundary, and our deeds say it must be a substantial fence, mainly to act as a stock proof barrier. Now we have a non- farming neighbour who thinks we do not have a right to the view across his field, it does not look onto his property and has been my view for 46 yrs. Also the line of his proposed hedge is over the water supply pipeline to ours and next doors property. Can he legally do this ? Hope you can offer some advice, very upset householder.
Hello, I am a solicitor with 20 years experience. I will try to answer this for you.
I am afraid I am probably not going to give you the answer you are hoping for.
1) The view: you have no right to a view, the length of tie you have had the view is not a relevant legal consideration. He can put a hedge on his land if he wishes to do so.
2) The hedge over the water supply. Unless you can show that damage is very likely (through expert opinion) then there is no restriction on him planting his hedge above the water supply line.
I am sorry ot h give these answers but I have to answer correctly and not raise false hope.
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