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I have six months left on my assured short hold tenancy but

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I have six months left on my assured short hold tenancy but due to a change in circumstances I need to end early.
Despite discussing the circumstances the landlord is refusing to release me from the tenancy and although he has looked at re-advertising the property no new tenants have been forthcoming.
The situation is now urgent and I would like to understand the implications of abandonment i.e. what process would he need to go through (and estimated costs he would incur) to enforce me to stay or claim the remaining 6moths rent
Bad news I am afraid the law says that he can keep you to the terms of the contract under an art for the full duration - even where you as the tenant have a change in circumstance. As such it is a situation of trying to come to a deal with him for you to be released early (but he does not have to agree to this). That said if you made him an offer he might consider that money in the hand would be attractive for you to leave early. The fact is that if you abandon he can sue you for the full sum owed. Happy to discuss. Please rate positive.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks Thomas. What is the process to sue me though. I understand I'd be breaking the contract but if the landlord won't budge I want to weigh up the risk of leaving as I have little choice. Can you advise the process / potential costs landlord would incur. Thank you
If the sum is under £10,000 he can sue you in the small claims court - straightforward process - depending on the level of the debt the fees are less than £500 and he would not need a solicitor. I hope that helps. Please rate positive.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.