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Im after some info on a problem i have with my commercial

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.hi im after some info on a problem i have with my commercial landlord
Hello my name is ***** ***** I will help you.
-Could you explain your situation a little more?
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi i rented a shop in 2006 (landlord is my ex) no contract just gave him rent every week, he met someone then for the lsst year made my life hell due to myself not giving her a few hours etc, he harrassed me infront of customers, demanded on a friday that £100 rent was now £300 and if not he would change locks tuesday, he did this and ive been unable to enter my business since nov, he said if i go near he will call police, he & g,friemd now running my business to the ground :-( im a LTD which he didnt pass on my accounts last yr to our friend acc so now company house says compulsory strike off but its suspended due to immigration problem again cos his new g,friend, he has told my staff that he now owns my tanning salon and he has been taking every penny inc my rent from a girl sub letting a room to do beauty! isnt that illegal eviction? Can i regain entry then let him evict me the legal way?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
My company no is Utopia caernarfon LTD no 08098572 so ive clearly got proof im the business owner!
Do you have a number we can chat on?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
No sorry, i live half way up a mountain in north wales and mobile signal is non existence :( and as its the weekend im home with my 4yr old, otherwise id be able to go down to my office:-( landlord is my son's father which he hasnt helped at all, aparently he works 16hrs for his own company which his friend is the company director so im unable to try get help from maintenance, ive been left pennyless over xmas, me & my son has had to live off what little savings i had but now its gone ive got no money to even fight him in court re illegal eviction etc :-( as business is still registered to me im worried sick incase enviromental health inspection turns up as i know not 1 is trained or qualified in the health regs etc, plus if the bulbs in the tanning machines havent been serviced (which i was only qualified to do so) they will deemed illegal under the 2011 H&S regs which will mean it will be myself they will prosecute! im banging my head against a brick wall here :( what i do have is the appointment book which clearly shows the inline in trade (80-100 customers p/day now due to hygiene, rude, untrained non english speaking staff not advising clients & regulating their uvr usage safely, trade is down to average 20-40 p/day, he's cut my opening times, 2 machines out of order for past 3 wks, theyr opening my mail inc official ones with registration no's with company house/in revenue, can the landlord just change locks without a valid reason and simply take my business away from me after i put nearly 10yrs of hard work inc remortgage my home of £40,000 to make it grow over the years? The idiot even wrote down in the diary book after end of each day the takings, what he paid in cash to the numerlus different girls he got to sit there and what cash he took from the till! please tell me theres something i can do without me having to sell my hometo cover huge legal fees to fight whats mine in first place :'(
Do you have a written tenancy agreement? If so what does it say about rent increase?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
No nothing, just a verbal agreement between us, paid £60 a week rent then when business got busier we agreed on him taking a £100 which was approx year 6-7
You pay rent weekly?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
yeah could have paid monthly if i wanted to, but easier for me to pay weekly, he is currently running my business to the ground ­čśó taken me 10+ yrs to get it where it is today, also he's running debts up in my name as he isnt paying any utility bills etc, did he have right to just break in and change my locks without reason? Im also a LTD not sole trader
It's bad news then I am afraid. You have no rights as you have no agreement. Therefore the landlord can increase the rent. But the landlord can't break in and change the locks because there is no agreement in writing say he can do this.
As such you can sue for breach of contract. The landlord should have got a court orders for possession. Without this you have suffered an illegal eviction and can sue for this.
Can I clarify anything for you about this today please?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
wont it cost quite a bit in legal fees to sue for illegal eviction? what i most want to know is have i got right to take back possession by entering peacefully or would i be breaking the law?
Sadly not, you need a court order for that. Otherwise it could be criminal damage.