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A car ran into my next door neighbour's front wall and

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A car ran into my next door neighbour's front wall and fence which was replaced through his insurance. At the same time he had the boundary fence replaced as 3 panels had fallen down - which could have been due to wind but the insurance company say it's my shrubs that have pushed the fence over. The style is expensive with curved tops to the panels. I wasn't consulted about it that all but now he's written to me that his insurance doesn't cover the cost of the whole boundary fence, only the cost of the 3 damaged panels. He's approached me for the first time about the fence as he wants me to consider contributing towards the cost. Apparently, as I haven't seen the contractor's bill, the cost for the boundary fence section, presuming it's the whole fence mins 3 panels, was £1210.65. The original fence was put up about 18 years ago by the neighbour, it was an ordinary one with wooden posts. Brenda
Hello. On the assumption this is not a party boundary (you say it is the neighbour's fence) and you were not consulted about its replacement, I suggest you tell your neighbour that you are not willing to contribute anything. You do not seem to be obliged to contribute anything - it is his fence and he decided to replace the whole thing, rather than deal with replacing the three panels with a like for like replacement. If you feel inclined to do so, to help maintain relations, you could offer to contribute something (£100 or so, it's up to you) but make sure you say it is only as a gesture of goodwill and not because you accept any liability for the damage or for the new fence. Best, WB
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks for your quick reply. I'd already considered making an offer of between £100 -200 in writing after I've seen the actual bill, but I'll point out that it's a gesture of goodwill and not an admittance of liability as you've pointed out. Thank you for this advice as I now feel more confident in dealing with the issue. Can I update you when I've spoken to the neighbour etc? Brenda
Hi - yes of course, many thanks. Please leave a rating for my answer. Best, WB
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