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Remus2004, Barrister
Category: Property Law
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I feel I am being subjected to some discrimination,

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I feel I am being subjected to some discrimination, harassed, wrongly accused and the feeling of being watched and checked up on in my my home by the Housing Trust residents manager. Im not sure what to do?
What would you like to know about this please?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I am just not sure what can be done? I have applied for a mutual exchange and that has been turned down today as they don't believe my son is or will be living with me and I know that the person in question has something to do with this. I decided to advertise to rent a room within my property before my son returned home to see what response I would get and whether I could make some money towards my removals etc. The very next morning the housing manager rang me to tell me that I need their permission from them and that I will need to fill out forms and that they have a duty to let housing benefit know etc, I told her I knew the procedure, I do not know how she knew about my advert as I hadn't told anyone at that point as I was just putting the feelers out and seeing response at this point. I just feel she is stalking my life.
Well, in fairness, that is the type of thing that she is entitled to know about and the fact that she has discovered it is not really a ground of complaint.If your issue though is that you cannot get an exchange because they don't accept your son is there then it is difficult to move that forward. If you are saying that you were advertising for rent his room then that is a something that undermines your declaration that he is there.You can always appeal an application but you will need to establish that he is there and that you otherwise meet the criteria.Can I clarify anything for you?Jo
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