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I rent a property in scotland from a private landlord and I

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I rent a property in scotland from a private landlord and I am 7 months left of a 12 month fixed term lease with no break clause.
The landlord wishes to take back the property for personal reasons and has asked me to move out. There are no arrears and he has in writting said I am a model tennant.
I will move out if compensated, I have suggested he pays me 3 months rent and my deposit to cover the inconvience etc. What are my rights and what is the normal solution.
Your rights are that the landlord can't ask you to leave early. If he agrees to negotiate a financial settlement along the lines of what you describe then that is fine if you agree to that. If he doesn't agree then you are entitled to stay there until the lease ends.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
in your experience am i being unreasonable, i do not want this to be a matter of princaple, what would you be advising him, he did say he was going to seek the legal route.
I would advise him to pay you your deposit back, a couple of months rent, a good reference and something towards your removal costs. It's a matter of negotiation. If you are a model tenant he has no "legal route" j til the initial term of the lease expires.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
thank you very much, have a good evening