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I am a student from saudi arabia and i rented a flat in

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hi, i am a student from saudi arabia and i rented a flat in cardiff\wales. i had 6 months contract then i renewed for another 6 months. when i signed my first contract my parents were with me and the agency asked me if they will be staying in the property i told them they will be coming for visits every now and then, so they told me they should write there name on the tenancy agreement and they did, i was new in the UK and i didn't know anything about council tax, i only knew that i will get a letter from the university and i will not have to pay because i am an international student ! then i got letters from council tax with my parents names for to pay around 700 pound for each!!! i emailed the council tax that my parents are not staying in the property and they just came for visits couple of time in the last 6 months and i attached a copy their visitor visa , they actually left on the 2nd day after i moved in (1/10/2015) and they left on 2/10/2015.then a month after that they came for couple of weeks and left again.
now council tax increased the amount to 816 pound for each so i will have to pay more than 1600 pound!! and this amount should be paid within 14 days !!! then when i told them that my my parents are not staying and the came as visitors for couple of times only they requested me a letter or something from the agency that proof that my parents were not staying permanently in the 6 months from october to march, but when i asked the agency they refused and they told me we cant change the tenancy agreement or give you any written document that says that ur parents were not staying because they cant proof it!!! i told them i cant show their passports with all the stamps and dates ! but they told me they cant anyway and i have to sort it out with the council tax!!
now in the new contract i removed their names and its only on my name, but i dont know what to do with this problem ?? do i need to pay this amount !! or can i just ignore it as my parents are not even here !!! is there is anything i can do to solve this with the agency and get that letter from them !!!
Is this an assured short hold tenancy agreement?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
yes , and i paied all the 6 months in advanced before i move in!
So, in short, they say you are liable for the council tax because you rented with your parents?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
no the letters are on my parents names not my name ! i dont have to pay anything but they should and they r not here !
No, but if they are named on the tenancy agreement then they would be liable.You are exempted because of your student status but if there are other residents who are liable persons then the house is subject to council tax.If it isn't paid they will summons them to court. Council tax is fairly vigorously enforced.Can I clarify anything for you?Jo
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
i attached the tenancy agreement and one of the letters from council tax, this one on my father name and similar one came with my mother name!
Yes, they are liable for the reasons above.
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
but they are not even in the UK !!! they may come for a week or two in the next july ??
so i should pay this money !!??
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
so what will happen if i ignored it !!!
they are not in the UK and i live alone in the property ??