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The house next door is up by auction. We have shared access

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The house next door is up for sale by auction. We have shared access to the houses through a single path that divides into to paths by the corners of each house. The estate agents dont like the fact that I have complained about people all over my garden. They have arranged 4 open days and I haveasked the estate agents to let me know about these asi have 2 dogs that will bark when people are about. As the entrance path is half mine where do I stand over access as the estate agents think they can walk all over me.
Hello my name is,Alex and I will help you.What is it you want to achieve please?Alex
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
What I want to know is where do I stand as far as the estate agents telling me that they can do what they like it maybe a shared access but if they decide to have open days I have to put up w its it even though people will be walking on my property as well as the one up for sale. I have already had people looking around my property because of where theyfirstput the sign. I came in from shopping to find 4 men up my back garden looking around my house through the windows. My dogs we're going mad barking at them. When I asked what was going on one said when is the auction and get the door open I want to look around. I told him it was next door not mine and asked them to leave my property. Every time people come to look at the house they walk over my front garden and tread on my plants. I have complained to butters but they just say there is nothing I can do and they can do what ever they like. On my deeds it shows equal access through the gate. We knocked down the front wall to make off road parking but we left a small garden by the shared path so there was a difference between the path and my property. Where do I satnd as far as being bullied and push around. If you can't help then tell me.
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