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My mother put her million pound home in my sister's name

Customer Question

My mother put her million pound home in my sister's name with a verbal agreement that the house would still be hers..My sister took out a loan for £200,000 for our mother. Mother has been paying off the loan faithfully, council tax and maintenance. Now my sister wants the house and has threatened my mother with eviction and won't except the £200,000.
My sister lives in the USA in a home she owns with her partner, she also owns a home in the UK which she rents. My mother has continued to live in the house in question which is furnished with her things. Basically my sister took out a loan for our mother after my mother's husband divorced her. My mother put her house in my sister's name in case she died so my sister could sell and would not be tied up in court to get her £200,000 loan back - the rest to be divided between mum's 5 children.
Our mother was very depressed having been divorced in 2008 although awarded 1.5 million she was without cash until her pension. In 20011 the house without a mortgage was gifted to my sister, but mum always believed that the house was still hers and would be back in her name once she gave back £2000,000. But my sister will not give her the terms of the loan, info of the bank to pay off the loan or accept the money. Mum does not pay rent but she pays the loan payment by direct debit and council tax etc.. What court could we go to as mum was dupped by my sister whom we can now see had no intention of putting the house back in mum's name although she reassured us all it would be no problem. I don't know where to start and mum is constantly getting threatening answer phone messages and emails from my sister saying you will be post in my sister's name is ***** ***** the house including the latest council tax bill. Very worried. Many thanks.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Property Law
Expert:  F E Smith replied 1 year ago.

Can I summarise the facts please?

The transfer the property into your sister’s name because your sister lent you £200,000?

Your sister said that once that was repaid, she would transfer the property back?

Now she wont.

Is that a summary?

Who dealt with the transfer of the property from your mother’s sister? Solicitors?

Has £200,000 been repaid and how if your sister not accepting it? Can your mother simply put it into her bank account?

What proof is there that the house will be transferred back on the payment of £200,000?