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Are solicitors allowed to charge time, I've waiting to

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Are solicitors allowed to charge for waiting time, I've waiting to hear of a property has been sold?

Solicitors can charge for waiting time in court and for certain transactions in which it has been agreed that the solicitor will charge on a time basis. Can you explain your exact situation a little more?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
In August last year, I asked the solicitor to act in the sale of a house. The charge was quoted as between £650 and £750 plus vat. No purchaser came forward until April, when I received a letter stating that the fee was now £990, partly due to "....waiting to hear if the house had been sold..." This was not waiting in court or anything similar, merely a dormant file until a purchaser was found.

That is nonsense. Unless the solicitors can point to a contractual increase in fees owing to the passage of time or additional work incurred they can't impose an increase like this. Waiting to hear if the house has been sold is a comedy reason, frankly.

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