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I have just ended a tenancy agreement (through an agent) and

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Good afternoon,
I have just ended a tenancy agreement (through an agent) and we are now having a problem. The barn conversion that we were renting, and the one next door are owned by the same Landlord. We have the barn with the main electricity meter (and pay the standing charge) whilst next door have a sub meter. we have had to pay for our own electricity, and next doors too. There has been an unofficial agreement with the agent for the neighbours to pay the agent who then reimburse us.
A) we were not aware of this arrangement when we took the property on, and there is no mention of this in the tenancy agreement.
B) The neighbours still owe us £48.00 from Dec/Jan, as well as a tariff increase from March which they are refusing to pay.
The agent is being civil enough, although we are feeling very let down as we have followed the tenancy agreement to the letter! Our tenancy ended on 6th July.
Is it worth us taking out a small claims case against the neighbours or is our issue with the agent - or is it both parties as we were not informed about the situation to start with?
The amount owing is only about £90 - but the principle of the matter has bothered me enormously!


Thanks for your question.

How can you establish your claim? Do you have anything in writing to establish that the neighbour would pay the agent and then agent pay you. Without anything in writing it will be difficult to prove.

If you can establish the claim then you can claim online at You will need to pay a fee upfront, but you can claim this back as part of the claim. Only really worth doing if you have a good case because if the claim is refused or the other party wins you will end up out of pocket.

Sorry hit send before I was finished.

If you have any questions or queries please let me know.

Happy to help further.

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