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I have tap that sqirts a lot of water from the side when

Customer Question

I have tap that sqirts a lot of water from the side when using it in the kitchen I reported to the agent they sent a plume out a week later he said we need a new tap he reported back to the agent that was four weeks ago and the tap is now getting worse I have phoned the agent to find out what is happening and they said they would get back to me but that was a week ago now I'm thinking of getting it fixed my self and taking the cost for the repair from my rent can I do this
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Property Law
Expert:  propertylawyer replied 1 year ago.


There is a statute which allows a tenant in specific circumstances when a tenant can deduct or set off sums from rental payments when it has incurred sums to remedy defaults by the landlord in computing with its repairing obligations.

However assured shorthold tenancy agreements usually probit the tenant from exercising this statutory right.

If you do deduct from rent the landlord can recover the sums out of the deposit and you will have to top up the deposit. Or the landlord can take it as a default on payment of Rent, it could be recovered from you via the court with interest and fees added.

You can undertake the works and request the landlord refund you, if it fails to do so then you can take the matter to the small claims court to recover the amount, plus interest and court fees.

I hope this clarifies the position. Do let me know if you have questions or queries. Happy to assist further in respect of my response.

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Expert:  propertylawyer replied 1 year ago.

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