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My mother has gone into a nursing home with altzimers

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My mother has gone into a nursing home with altzimers obviously the fees have to be paid for. The question I have is I have a disabled son aged 34 who was living in the property until it became impossible for him to stay there anymore due to mums condition. In order for him to move back to the property the authorities who are currently part paying the cost of mums permanent stay in the nursing home state he has to live there permanently. But due to his illness he spends a large amount of time in hospital or convalescing with us. I would like to buy the house so as he has a guaranteed place to live without the worry of having to move out at some point because he is not in residence or is not fulfilling the authorities criteria. The property is worth about £120,000.00 but we can only manage £70,000.00 is this legal and how do I go about it. Thank you M.R Diment


There are considerations here relating to your mother and her care. Has the council taken account of your mother's assets?

If at some point the council do run an audit on your mother's assets they can still seek to charge the property even if it falls into your ownership. The sale at an undervalue could potentially be classified as deprivation of assets. The council could seek to charge the balance of £50k between market value and sale price.

Any questions or queries?

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
HelloThe council have already carried out the audit the property concerned has for the movement been excluded for the next six months. My concern is my son will at some point in that time be re-admitted to hospital leaving the property empty for months at a time which was stated in my original question. I understand what you are saying and accept it, but is there something I can do to permanently protect the property my son needs a permanent abode in which he can keep all his medical equipment he is tied to an electric pump for 12 hrs a day which feeds him through his heart. All the food is stored in a medical fridge which is currently here in our cottage all the other equipment is stored at my mothers house which I have to travel to twice a week to collect the auxiliary equipment my son requires to live. This is a 50 mile round trip, each time, we just do not have the space to store this equipment here. This is the main reason for trying to buy the property to give my son his indepence and security for what future he may have. I do not want to do anything illegal but may be you could suggest some way around this.
Thank you. *****