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F E Smith
F E Smith, Advocate
Category: Property Law
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I have been in a commercial property for four years. Around

Customer Question

I have been in a commercial property for four years. Around six months ago my landlord sold the property to a new landlord. The new landlord has had an electrical inspection done on the property and he has found that the electrics are sub standard and needs completely re-wiring, new conduits, trunking and so on. The new landlord is insisting that I must meet the whole cost of this work.I signed a 5 year lease and in the lease it says that I am liable for repairs and upkeep of the building. Where do I stand on this issue?Thank you
Submitted: 6 months ago.
Category: Property Law
Expert:  F E Smith replied 6 months ago.

I have been asked to look at this for you.

If you can let me have sight of the repairing covenant page in the lease, I can probably expand my answer based upon what you have said, if you are responsible for repairs and upkeep, then this comes down to you.

Sorry, I know it’s not the answer you wanted. What you might want to do of course is have your own inspection done because it may be that although some work may be required, the landlord is simply trying to get the whole place rewired at your expense.

.Can I clarify anything else for you? I’m happy to answer any specific points arising from this.