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I work in London and I am planning to get a mortgage in my

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Hi,I am John, I work in London and I am planning to get a mortgage in my name and buy a house in London that will be in my name.
Basically everything will be in my name.
I never owned a property or anything like that.I am getting married in July and my wife already owns a house (in Greece).I want to know if even in the fact that I am married with a person that already owns a property, I am eligible to be considered as a First-Time buyer and get the tax relief of 0% stamp duty for the first 300k of the property value and also if I will avoid paying the 3% penalty because my wife already owns a house.Regards,

Hi John,

Is there anyway that you can complete your purchase before you get married?

If not, does your fiancée own any other property other than the one in Greece?

Kind Regards


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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi AlI know the answer in case I complete the purchase before the marriage date.
I want to be covered in case l won't be able to do that.She only owns this property in Greece and nowhere else.Thanks
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
In case I don't receive a phone call, I will require a refund for my recent phone call charge of 44 pounds.

Hi John, thanks for the chat.

As discussed, once you are married, you and your wife will be classed as "one person" so you would not be classed as a first time Buyer and you would have to pay Stamp Duty at the additional rate. This is because your wife owns a property already, and as you will be deemed to own 2 properties on the day you complete your purchase. This is the case even though your purchase is going to proceed in your sole name. So, you do really need to complete your purchase before you marry as you will be classed as a first time Buyer! Kind Regards Al

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks for this explanation.
The last part of this query is:
Does it makes any difference if the marriage happens to be in Greece and not be registered as married couple in the UK?John

Hi, if you get married in Greece, you will still be seen in the eyes of UK law as being married, so this won't make any difference I'm afraid.

Kind Regards Al